AT&T Music Store

The Official Android Music Store App for AT&T

When AT&T decided to offer music download services to its expanding Android network, it turned to Underground Labs. We provided a cost-effective solution that allowed AT&T to quickly develop and bring to market an application based on preexisting design specifications. Maintaining compatibility across a wide spectrum of devices and providing manageable product enhancements were key requirements for this project.

ACC Sports & SEC Sports

Cutting edge mobile apps for NCAA's premiere conferences

Underground Labs built the first official iOS apps for the NCAA's preeminent Atlantic Coast Conference and South Eastern Conference. These native apps provided users with a fast and easy to use interface to live video streams of football and basketball games, real time stats and information, news, photos, team schedules, promotions and more. In order to provide the best possible user experiences, we leveraged many of iOS’s cutting edge API features: In-App Purchases, Push Notifications, CoreData, CoreAnimation… In addition, we built a scalable back end server framework for ingesting and disseminating stats, news and video.


The World's Hottest Rockstars

HotList was an iOS app that lets the user flick through thousands of professionally licensed, high quality photographs of famous musicians in high resolution. In order to provide a social gaming aspect, the app let you rate each artist gallery and then compare your results to the rest of the world.

Here is what one independent app reviewer said: "Considering the amount of image gallery apps in the App Store today, Underground Labs has really done a good job of making their app stand out from the rest of them."

New York Rock Exchange

The world’s first stock exchange for music

The New York Rock Exchange is our contribution to the "post record label" music scene. The New York Rock Exchange is the world's first marketplace for fans to buy limited edition SongShares.

The New York Rock Exchange exemplifies nearly every service we have to offer — from strategic product design to graphical print and web design; from user experience development to backend integration programming and scalability engineering; from customer support and order fulfillment to shipping and credit card processing.


AT&T app used to promote expanding LTE coverage

The AT&T 4G LTE Promo App was a fully functional proof-of-concept developed to help AT&T determine if user education concerning LTE networks was necessary.


A MobiTV app for kids

MobiTV needed to produce an iOS app showcasing popular kid's programs such as Sesame Street and Curious George. Underground Labs was tasked with the challenge of designing a VOD interface that was fun, engaging, and easy to use for a 3 year old while allowing parents to control the viewing experience and manage billing and subscription concerns.

The Club - AT&T, Sprint, Boost

Mobile Phone Music Community

"The Club" is a music and entertainment portal featured on the AT&T, Sprint, and Boost networks. "The Club" was specifically designed and optimized for WAP enabled feature phones. This project constantly pushed the envelope of what a feature browser phone could do. In order to support thousands of differing phone types, capabilities, and resolutions, we developed our own proprietary "Responsive Design" template engine . By adding a sophisticated caching system we were able to serve tens of thousands of users with an average response time of 100 milliseconds.

MobiTV’s Marketing Tile Manager

Internal interface used to promote content in client apps and services

MobiTV is a leading provider of live and on-demand television services. Our ongoing partnership with MobiTV to provide outsourced design and development helps them save time and money. The Tile Manager is a user friendly intranet dashboard and content management system used to program in-app marketing campaigns across its entire enterprise.